Adding a folder to a zip archive

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Tue Mar 26 11:25:00 EDT 2013

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 4:26 PM, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:

> Is it possible to add a folder and its contents to a zip archive using the
> revzipxxx functions?  I tried revZipAddItemWithFile pointing to the folder
> - no error was flagged but when I unzipped the file, the folder was zero
> bytes in length and none of its contents were in there.

Not with the built-in commands. Here is some code that will add a folder to
a ZIP archive as well as unzip a ZIP archive to a folder. There are a lot
of supporting handlers included in the gist. I think I got them all but let
me know if any are missing.

Trevor DeVore
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