Hi-Res imaging in LiveCode

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Mon Mar 25 12:43:05 EDT 2013

Seems I was wrong, even using jpegs.


So... If anyone DOES know how to, do please tell.

Hugh Senior

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> I have found that printing an image at high resolution is not 
> straightforward in LiveCode. 'Squishing' a large version down to 
> say 50% dimensions ought to increase the pixel density, but 
> although the kb size is large the pixel denisty stays at 72dpi. 
> Something to do with how the engine renders images, I believe.
> However...
> If I do not import (copy and paste) and resize but 'set the 
> fileName' and resize instead, the printed output does indeed seem 
> to improve by the magnitude of squished-ness.
> If you already know, please move on, but I am quite chuffed to 
> have discovered this for a current large-poster display project 
> that is being ouput from LC to pdf.
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo

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