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On Mar 24, 2013, at 8:58 PM, Monte Goulding <monte at> wrote:

> Hi LiveCoders
> With Apple's recent announcement about app acceptance and device support I thought it would be a good to leak some info about mApp the open source mobile application framework I've been working on. So I've released this teaser. 
> The teaser doesn't go into detail about how it does what it does. If RunRev want me to I'll probably cover that at the conference which is about the time I would like to release it by. In simple terms the resolution independence part is an extension of what Chipp came up with. The layout part is as far as I know a unique take on layout management (at least in LiveCode) allowing you to specify different layout rules depending on things like orientation or the width of the screen/the pixel density. The end result is something getting close to responsive web development.
> It's not entirely limited to desktop either. The two apps I'm using this on at the moment will be desktop too where the desktop version will allow the user to resize.
> The original goal of the project was to make things simpler for Android deployment so while the teaser only shows iOS simulators it works the same on android.
> And yes, that's two datagrids in the demo app... it scales the row template too….

Very cool, Monte! 

Looking forward to the framework when it's released...

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