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On 3/23/13 7:13 PM, "Lynn Fredricks" <lfredricks at> wrote:

>> I think it's common policy for software companies to not
>> openly discuss bugs. Once a bug is confirmed and widespread,
>> of course they have to acknowledge it, but I do not know of
>> any company that openly publishes known bugs except for maybe
>> Blizzard. 

> In comparision, Valentina Studio has none of those worries at all. Talking
> about bugs in a general sense outside of the confines of Mantis doesn't do
> anyone any good. Users can submit bugs to Mantis ans it goes right into
> engineering. Not a lot of public discusion needed, just a bit of dialog in
> case we can't figure out what's causing the issue.

And let me add -- everybody can go to Valentina's Mantis bug tracker and see
list of known bugs, list of fixed, and so on.

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