Unicode Issues

Ender Nafi Elekçioğlu endernafi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 12:56:31 EDT 2013


I've developed 17 apps with LiveCode and the unicode has been always an issue.
I wonder why RunRev doesn't bring a total solution for this.
There are so many developers around there whose native language is not english,
thus developing localized apps via LiveCode.
There are germans, spanish, french, chinese, japanese, korean, russian, …….
Isn't this a pre-historic issue, I mean which modern development platform doesn't support utf-8 natively?
Which one does need continuous conversions?

I could solve all the unicode related problems in my iOS apps, but at my current project I'm stuck.
The app's intended for windows platform.

I have a bunch of option menu buttons which consist different categories.
The user should be able to add or remove categories selecting the appropriate item in the button.
Here is a sample stack:

It works fine with english but when I tried to enter non-ascii chars like "ç,ş,ğ,ı,ö,ü";
it got all messed up.
And I couldn't figure out how  :/

I tried to use a different approach as writing my own converter functions using *numToChar()* and *charToNum()*;
but they don't produce consistent results.
For example;
__set the useUnicode to true
__put numToChar(112) into url("file:" & specialFolderPath("desktop") & "/test.txt")
puts "p" into the file
__set the useUnicode to true
__put numToChar(351) into url("file:" & specialFolderPath("desktop") & "/test.txt")
puts only an underscore where it should put "ş" into the file.

What should I do; change my clients' native language?
Sorry to talk angry but come on; unicode issues in 2013?

I don't get pissed off about the lack of powerful animation options  
or poor performance of image editing
or no 3d support or anything else…
It's just basic, simple text editing.
Is this too much to ask?

Well ok, back to my question;
what am I doing wrong,
what should I do to fix my app?

Any insights much appreciated, thank you...

Kind Regards,

~ Ender Nafi

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