how to play WMV videos on Windows

Colin Holgate coiin at
Sat Mar 23 08:53:54 EDT 2013

Flash can play FLV and any kind of H.264 file, but it doesn't play WMV. I'm assuming the question was more about how to play WMV, and not how to play video in general.

Also, you would be more likely to use Flash as the solution for systems that don't have QuickTime, and here the question was about systems that do have QuickTime.

Ironically, on Mac there wouldn't be a problem, you would use Flip4Mac to allow WMV to play using QuickTime, but that seems to not be possible with Windows.

Still, using revBrowser might still solve the basic need, assuming that it's possible to play WMV in a browser.

I tried this page:

and the WMV file you can try does a download and play in the Video application, and doesn't play in IE on Windows. So maybe it's not possible?

On Mar 23, 2013, at 6:16 AM, Claude Lemmel <claude.lemmel at> wrote:

> >After a lot of struggle, i just play video on Windows in the revBrowser !
> >I create on fly a html file with a flash player.
> >It can seems crazy to load both a html browser and flash to play a video, but it works very well...

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