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Sat Mar 23 03:39:29 EDT 2013

> Yes it's not good. There's only a few ways that I think the problem
> could be resolved.

This is one of the reasons I have struggled to use LiveCode for some of 
the applications I have been working on.  I first tried LiveCode over a 
year ago, but went back to native iOS development in XCode after 
noticing the performance issues with scrollers and moving graphics in 

>  - implement native table view (much less flexible than the datagrid
> but it will scroll smoothly... could be done as an external, I have
> considered it, but again continues with the native v LiveCode control
> issue)

Lately I've been re-looking at LiveCode and wondering if there are some 
ways to work around the performance issues, as I really like some of the 
other benefits of LiveCode.  In fact, I have just started playing around 
with iOS externals to test possible solutions, similar to what you have 
just mentioned.

If you have any ideas that you don't have time to look at and are 
willing to share, let me know.



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