Livecode iOS Externals and XCode 4.6

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Thu Mar 21 06:14:35 EDT 2013

Hi Monte,

Good to see there are other Aussie's on the list :)

The architecture is listed as "Standard (armv7, armv7s) - 
$(ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT)" and there doesn't seem to be any other 

I've managed to get the simulator working, but building the standalone 
in LiveCode is still giving the same error.  I am choosing only the 
.lcext file in the copy files pane.

Thanks for the heads up about the G+ community.


On 21-03-2013 11:57, Monte Goulding wrote:
> On 21/03/2013, at 12:16 PM, charles at wrote:
>> Has anyone got the iOS externals SDK working with XCode 4.6 and 
>> LiveCode 5.5.4?
> Yes, and Hi from From Tasmania ;-)
> It sounds like you're not building for the correct architecture. In
> Xcode are you building for the simulator or the device? What is in the
> architecture field in the settings? Which file are you choosing in the
> copy files pane? It should be just <externalname>.lcext
> PS there's an LiveCode DownUnder community on G+ if you're interested.
> Cheers
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