Intermittent availability of Android emulator for Test Target

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Mar 18 19:51:25 EDT 2013

On 18/03/2013 21:34, Pierre Sahores wrote:
> Ben,
> I had it frequently and to avoid such inconsistencies witch occurred against real devices too, i test all my android builds against real devices in using the free android "AirDroid" (web server) app to install them in seconds over WIFI. Problem solved ;-)
> Le 18 mars 2013 à 21:54, Ben Rubinstein a écrit :
>> I'm having trouble running tests on the Android emulator from LiveCode on Mac.  Sometimes I see it in the "Test Target" menu, sometimes I don't.  This is on various versions of LiveCode from 5.3 onwards.  I restart AVD, restart the emulator, restart LiveCode, reselect Android in Standalone Application Settings... I can't find the magic sequence that makes it come back.  But sometimes it has come back.
>> Does anyone else have this problem?  Has anyone got a routine which works?  Or is there something stupid which I'm doing that would account for the problems I'm having?

Hi Pierre,

Yes, when I can't make the emulator work I've been testing on hardware instead 
(I just build into a folder served from my laptop, so I pull from the device 
instead of pushing to it, though I have AirDroid and will give it a go to see 
if it's any faster) - apart from being a little extra step, the main problem 
is that I don't use an Android phone, so if I'm away from my desk just working 
on my laptop, if I can't speak to the emulator then I don't have any way to test.

Thanks for responding - it's good to know I'm not the only one having this 
problem - has anyone cracked it?


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