[OT] Preload hoses my system

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 12:34:11 EDT 2013

On 03/17/2013 06:29 PM, Mike Bonner wrote:
> Very possible that is the problem.  A live cd with gparted would work, but
> if there is any way you should backup your data first.  Might also use
> gddrescue to create a complete image of the drive to a file in a safe place
> (gddrescue rocks!) before doing the resize. Think you can gddrescue
> individual partitions or the whole drive. (been a while since i've had to
> do it) if you go with partition images it makes it pretty easy to mount
> them later and get at the contents.

Thank you very much for your advice: I am, indeed, playing around with 
gparted right this minute from
a live Ubuntustudio disk. However I can see a long night ahead of me.

Lucky I have got this machine currently running "elementary OS" (a.k.a 
babiefied Ubuntu) for
email and listening to Music.

> Also, while we're talking about this stuff, if you have a machine with
> enough space to store disk images, clonezilla and fog are great. You can
> keep clean images, do installs and such to see what happens and recover
> completely if necessary using your image backups. (the only limitation of
> fog is that you would need to run ext2 file systems. ext4 is not yet
> supported though that is coming soon)
> Nice thing about fog too is you can set it up to pxe boot machines.  I use
> it to send tinycore out to some thin clients I have here. (128 mb
> diskonchip drives, 256 megs of mem)  Makes it nice to do loads too. Install
> 1 machine the way I like it, grab the image with fog, deploy it to the
> other machines.
> To be honest I am beginning to think I made a mistake only allowing 10 Gigs
>> for my root partition,
>> and am now trying to work out a way to non-destructively enlarge that.
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