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> On 03/16/2013 10:42 PM, Mark Talluto wrote:
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>>> If one does not tie a piece of software to a piece of hardware there is probably no way to prevent multiple copies being distributed across many machines.
>> The trick is to tie the software to more than one piece of hardware.
> How does one do that?

You can gather a fair amount of hardware data via shell commands.  Build a virtual fingerprint of the hardware you see.  

If one piece changes or is missing then you can record this change locally.  Should the amount of changes pass a threshold you set, then the software can pop up a screen, turn off, or do whatever you like.  

If you require the software to have a net connection every so often, then you can even have this data phone home to your licensing server to notify you of this.  You can then call your client and discuss the situation or ignore it and let them continue to use your software.

Either way, your DRM is not getting in their way.  But it is letting you know the state of affairs.  You, the developer, now have the power to act how you see fit.

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