[OT] Preload hoses my system

Mike Bonner bonnmike at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 12:29:23 EDT 2013

Very possible that is the problem.  A live cd with gparted would work, but
if there is any way you should backup your data first.  Might also use
gddrescue to create a complete image of the drive to a file in a safe place
(gddrescue rocks!) before doing the resize. Think you can gddrescue
individual partitions or the whole drive. (been a while since i've had to
do it) if you go with partition images it makes it pretty easy to mount
them later and get at the contents.

Also, while we're talking about this stuff, if you have a machine with
enough space to store disk images, clonezilla and fog are great. You can
keep clean images, do installs and such to see what happens and recover
completely if necessary using your image backups. (the only limitation of
fog is that you would need to run ext2 file systems. ext4 is not yet
supported though that is coming soon)

Nice thing about fog too is you can set it up to pxe boot machines.  I use
it to send tinycore out to some thin clients I have here. (128 mb
diskonchip drives, 256 megs of mem)  Makes it nice to do loads too. Install
1 machine the way I like it, grab the image with fog, deploy it to the
other machines.

To be honest I am beginning to think I made a mistake only allowing 10 Gigs
> for my root partition,
> and am now trying to work out a way to non-destructively enlarge that.

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