Get the source from an browser instance ?

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Sat Mar 16 12:19:48 EDT 2013

Well if one could easily get the source code of any page through a browser
then the internet would stop working, due to all the security breaches. It
would be a steaming mess.

When a web page renders, it may make more than one pass at the data.

There's an intentional thick wall between 'browser side' and 'server side'.

Server code, PHP, Livecode or whatever will be executed on the first read
of the source page and that data will never be seen, having been executed
on that first pass.

What you are left with is only the HTML and javascript required to make the
page display as you see it, not the underlying code that generated it.

That's a good thing.

On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 3:47 AM, Ludovic Thébault <
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> Hello
> How get the source from an revbrowser instance ?
> I've made a web page wich is displayed with revbrowser. The user can
> modify some parameters in the page ( with javascript ) which are visible in
> the code source of the page with a real browser but not with
> revbrowserget(browserId, "htmltext") which return the original code source.
> Any ideas ?
> Thks
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