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Which version of LiveCode?  Are you getting a result using "support" as an
argument in specialFolderPath?  In 5.5.1 that's not a "built-in" option.
I'm on Lion and using "support" in 5.5.1 returns empty (no path), but
5.5.4 seems to work.

Also, if you're using URL to write an empty file, can you not use URL to
read a file?
get url ("file:" & specialFolderPath("Support")  &


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On 3/14/13 3:58 PM, "Thomas McGrath III" <mcgrath3 at> wrote:

>As many are aware, I have an app with a key trapper that I hired out to
>write. I am making heavy use of open, read, close and put URL file: and
>also I am using specialFolderPath("Support"). Any way i am having a lot
>of trouble getting this to work on OSX 10.7.2 & on OSX 10.7.5 But it is
>working here on Mtn Lion OSX 10.8.2
>The drop dead deadline is tomorrow and it will be a flop if I can't get
>it working on the clients machine for his big presentation. (My
>responsibility, because I should have said NO once I saw how big this
>project kept getting as time wore on.)
>Anyway, I am stilling plugging away and I really need to know if anyone
>has experienced any issues with specialFolderPath with 10.7.? and if
>there is any kind of workaround? The other thing I thought of was maybe a
>timing issue about polling for updates, But after the first read I don't
>seem to get anymore info coming in.???
>One very last thing is that the KeyTrapper is running 64 bit and of
>course my App is 32 bit. But I don't think that should matter as we are
>only sharing a txt fileŠ..
>Thanks to anyone for any ideas.
>open file specialFolderPath("Support")  & "/KeyTrapper/Events.txt"
>read from file specialFolderPath("Support") & "/KeyTrapper/Events.txt"
>until EOF
>put it into tFile
>close file specialFolderPath("Support")  & "/KeyTrapper/Events.txt"
>put empty into URL  ("file:" & (specialFolderPath("Support") & slash &
>"KeyTrapper" & slash & "Events.txt"))
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