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Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at
Thu Mar 14 18:58:03 EDT 2013

As many are aware, I have an app with a key trapper that I hired out to write. I am making heavy use of open, read, close and put URL file: and also I am using specialFolderPath("Support"). Any way i am having a lot of trouble getting this to work on OSX 10.7.2 & on OSX 10.7.5 But it is working here on Mtn Lion OSX 10.8.2

The drop dead deadline is tomorrow and it will be a flop if I can't get it working on the clients machine for his big presentation. (My responsibility, because I should have said NO once I saw how big this project kept getting as time wore on.)

Anyway, I am stilling plugging away and I really need to know if anyone has experienced any issues with specialFolderPath with 10.7.? and if there is any kind of workaround? The other thing I thought of was maybe a timing issue about polling for updates, But after the first read I don't seem to get anymore info coming in.???

One very last thing is that the KeyTrapper is running 64 bit and of course my App is 32 bit. But I don't think that should matter as we are only sharing a txt file…..

Thanks to anyone for any ideas.


open file specialFolderPath("Support")  & "/KeyTrapper/Events.txt" 
read from file specialFolderPath("Support") & "/KeyTrapper/Events.txt"  until EOF
put it into tFile
close file specialFolderPath("Support")  & "/KeyTrapper/Events.txt" 

put empty into URL  ("file:" & (specialFolderPath("Support") & slash & "KeyTrapper" & slash & "Events.txt"))

-- Tom McGrath III
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