Alternative To A Specific Switch Statement

Ender Nafi Elekçioğlu endernafi at
Thu Mar 14 13:42:05 EDT 2013

Hello Dear LiveCode Gurus,  

Here is a little code snippet:

____case sin(pAngleInRadians) > 0
______put 1 into tX
____case sin(pAngleInRadians) = 0
______put 0 into tX
____case sin(pAngleInRadians) < 0
______put -1 into tX
__end switch

It's for a complex rotation command.
Is there a more elegant way to achieve the same result with built-in functions?
I mean, something like a combination of abs(), max() and/or round()?
Just an intellectual curiosity :)

Thanks for any insights...


~ Ender Nafi

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