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No catch at all, the docs are quite well written in this regard:

effective [keyword]

Use the effective keyword to get the displayed color or font of an
object, regardless of whether the object itself has that property set.
The effective keyword can also be used to get the filename of a
substack or the current rectangle of an object.

If one of an object's text, color, or pattern properties is set to
empty, the owner's setting is used instead. (If the owner's setting is
empty, the setting of that object's owner is used.)

The effective keyword can be used with the following inherited properties:

* backgroundColor property
* backgroundPattern property
* backgroundPixel property
* bottomColor property
* bottomPattern property
* bottomPixel property
* focusColor property
* focusPattern property
* focusPixel property
* foregroundColor property
* foregroundPattern property
* foregroundPixel property
* hiliteColor property
* hilitePattern property
* hilitePixel property
* topColor property
* topPattern property
* topPixel property
* shadowColor property
* shadowPattern property
* shadowPixel property

* textFont property
* textHeight property
* textSize property
* textStyle property

* filename of stack property
* rectangle property

* layerMode property

As always the problem isn't so much with the docs but actually
stumbling across the gems that are hidden in them.

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 6:48 AM, J. Landman Gay
<jacque at hyperactivesw.com> wrote:
> On 3/13/13 5:36 PM, Monte Goulding wrote:
>> On 14/03/2013, at 9:29 AM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at hyperactivesw.com> wrote:
>>> get the effective htmlText of fld 1
>> Nice... for finding it you get the privilege of writing the docs bug report ;-)
> I knew there'd be a catch. :)
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