Mucking around with polygon graphics.

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Mar 7 15:09:53 EST 2013

Boy-O-Boy; here I am at my most 'dangerous'; nothing to do than get 
stimulated by postings on the Use-List.

So, I made a regular polygon graphic with 7 points, called it "G1", and 
then thought "funny things" and tried this in a button:

on mouseUp
    put item 1 of point 1 of graphic "G1" into WUN

end mouseUp

obviously didn't get any further than that as the
script-editor "threw a blue one" at that point:

"button "Button": compilation error at line 2 (Handler: bad command) 
near "1", char 18

Now . . .

I know that each point of a polygon graphic is defined by its position 
on a stack - which I, quite
reasonably thought might be 'item 1' and 'item 2' . . .

Come on: throw it at me!


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