(and structured docs, and BvG docu)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Mar 7 14:43:14 EST 2013

On 07/03/2013 18:39, Björnke von Gierke wrote:
> On 07.03.2013, at 19:22, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
>> (I tried to launch BvG docu recently, but couldn't get it going - it was unhappy at the lack of an index file in recent editions, and even when I found an older edition with that file to point it at, it failed for some reason I failed to figure out.)
> Whoa, hold your horses! what's your problem exactly and why is bvg docu not working?

Hi Björnke!

Thanks for responding.  Consider my horses held.

When I tried BvG Docu on a current version of LiveCode, attempting to generate 
produced an error "sorry, I couldn't find the 
'/packaged_xml/dictionary/clumps.index' file.  And indeed, it appears that 
this file doesn't exist in recent app bundles.

I then walked back through old version of LiveCode until I found one which did 
have that file - but when I pointed it at that and said go, nothing happened. 
  I'm afraid I didn't investigate further (I did try it several times).


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