Editing polygon points

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Thu Mar 7 09:07:28 EST 2013


I don't think you can access the points of a polygon directly, nor can you address a particular point, as in:

set the loc of point 3 of grc "yourGraphic" to newValue

I could be wrong.

But you can address the points as a group. Make a simple polygon with a few vertices. Make a button, and put this into its script:

on mouseUp
   put the points of grc 1 into temp
   repeat 10
      add random(10) to item 2 of line 3 of temp
      set the points of grc 1 to temp
      wait 20
   end repeat
end mouseUp

Is this enough for you?

Craig Newman

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Subject: Editing polygon points

Is it possible to visually edit the points of a polygon and can I add 
and delete individual points?


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