Keys of a custom property array

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Sun Mar 3 21:18:46 EST 2013

On 3/3/13 6:25 PM, dunbarx at wrote:

> I am a big fan of forced evaluation.
> So why doesn't:
> do "get the keys of the testArray of me"
> or
> do "get the keys of" &&  the testArray of me
> work?

It works if you add the parentheses:

   do "get the keys of (the testArray of me)"

But it's weird. The reason I wrote to the list is because this didn't 
work either:

  put keys(the cArray of me)

which does have the parens. So it never occured to me to use:

  the keys of (the cArray of me)

even though in my mind, that's identical.

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