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Mark. Jacque

Mark. The test script I made was in a mouseUp handler in a button, and set a custom property of that same button.

Jacque. It just occurred to me that placing the custom property identifier in parentheses does not force an evaluation, it just helps the parser, well, parse.

Sort of like the old HC caveat where a card reference had to be similarly separated if there was stuff after that reference, or HC would try to identify a bogus descriptor. This was most pertinent to card references, whereas other objects seemed to be immune.

But this is different, and academic, of course, but still bothers me. There is no evaluation with parentheses, though there is with "do". The extra evaluation is not needed, but the engine does seem to like parentheses in this instance. I know that in other cases, here and there, parentheses do help in getting a clean compile, well, just because.


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> do "get the keys of the testArray of me"

What's me?

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