Resolution independence (sort of) today

Colin Holgate coiin at
Fri Mar 1 12:13:00 EST 2013

As things stand you have to do all the work yourself, but you could do that with layout or code, and which to use might depend on the nature of the app.

Your easiest option is to not worry about Retina for now, and then when there is resolution independence you can release an update, where a big feature would be support for Retina.

If the app is mainly a single screen utility, or some number of fixed screens, I would be tempted to just duplicate the cards and carefully lay out the controls to work for each size. The same can apply if you want to support iPhone, iPhone Retina, and iPhone 5. Just have lots of cards where you took the time to lay them out nicely. Then, jump to the card you need based on the size of the screen you're on.

If you have a game where you are testing coordinates a lot, why not put down some markers, and refer to those instead of numbers. Then in the larger screen layout the marker would be moved, and so the coordinate would be greater.

One complication will be movement. Again, base that off the size of the card. So, instead of moving say 8 pixels 30 times a second, move the card width / 128 30 times a second. On iPad Retina it would then move 16 pixels instead of 8.

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