LiveCode for iPad dev

Javier Miranda V. jemirandav at
Mon Jun 24 22:51:26 CEST 2013

Hi friends, I have been "inactive" for many months.  I am happy to see how LiveCode has evolved and matured, also by inspecting the list,I see familiar names, certainly this is a great community.  Plese let me share something for you, a couple of weeks ago a pharmaceutical laboratory approached me asking for an application to be run on their 100+ iPads, I don´t have the characteristics of their requirement but I see this as a great opportunity to  work with LiveCode.  

Can you guide me a little on what steps I should take in order to get a better understanding of the components I have to investigate to create an application for iPads that would enable the users to share information contained in a server.  I think this is more or less the best general description of the application that needs to be built. 

I have a reasonable background as programmer and have bee in contact with HyperCard, SuperCard, MetaCard, a product from Oracle Media Objects, a product from Apple (surprisingly I don´t remember the name!), Revolution and now with LiveCode, so the whole Stack paradigm is clear for me.  I have just DL the latest LiveCode Community editio but I know that if the project is better stablished I will have to go to one of the alternate LiveCode products, which? I don´t know.

Sure of having your support, and thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Javier Miranda V.

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