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Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Fri Jun 21 17:36:48 EDT 2013

Silly question, but if you create your image, set its size and lock it then
use "the text of.." instead of the imagedata, seems like it would avoid the
possibility of munging the imagedata (though it seems like it should work
if the sizes are identical).  Using the text of the image should avoid the
issue entirely.

Changed the script below to reflect, but untested.

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 3:31 PM, Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at>wrote:

>         Ok, here is my script where I am simply trying to grab an image
> from another card and set it up for viewing when a thumbnail is pressed.
> The images get all messed up with black spaces etc. I am sure that I am
> setting the width and height to the same size as the original but i get
> garbage. No in the simulator this will work "IF" I touch the button twice
> in a row?????
> on mouseUp
>      if the width of this card > 1025 then
>           put "1204" into pWidth
>           put "904" into pHeight
>           put "778,562" into pLoc
>      else
>           put "602" into pWidth
>           put "452" into pHeight
>           put "389,281" into pLoc
>      end if
>      lock screen for visual effect in rect the rect of this card
>      put the cImageName of me into tImage
>      if there is an image tImage of card 3 then
>           if there is an image "Preview" then delete image "Preview"
>           create image "Preview"
>           set the width of image "Preview" to the width of image tImage of
> card 3
>           set the height of image "Preview" to the height of image tImage
> of card 3
>           set the lockLoc of image "Preview" to true

>           set the text of image "Preview" to the text of image tImage of
> card 3
>           set the dropShadow["color"] of image "Preview" to 0,0,0
>           set the script of image "Preview" to the cImageScript of this
> card
>           put the long id of image "Preview" into pImageID
>           setAreaProportional pImageID, pWidth, pHeight
>           set the loc of image "Preview" to pLoc
>      end if
>      unlock screen with visual effect "dissolve" very fast
> end mouseUp
> ANy ideas????
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