Reliable way to do something on shutdown?

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On 19/06/2013, at 04:31 PM, Paul D. DeRocco wrote:

>> From: J. Landman Gay
>> ShutdownRequest is sent when the user tries to quit. 
>> CloseStackRequest 
>> is sent when they try to close a window, like when they click on the 
>> close box.
> Handling closeStack, and calling shutdown if it's the main stack, seems to
> solve the problem. Just in case, I wrote the shutdown handler so that if
> it's called twice, nothing bad will happen, so that should be safe no matter
> how it works under OS X or Linux.

One more thing - if you have a special clean up routine then you'll need to handle the user quitting using a keyboard shortcut (cmd-Q) separately on OSX. Something like this...

on appleEvent pClass,pID,pSender
   switch (pClass & pID)
      case "aevtquit"
         pass appleEvent
         pass appleEvent
   end switch
end appleEvent

> Now, if only someone knew the answer to my hilitedLine question. (Nudge,
> nudge.)

Not sure what's going on there. Have you tried an opencard handler? Or tried using a 'send' to trigger the change?


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