Works in IDE, doesn't work in standalone (revisited)

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Mon Jun 10 03:46:26 EDT 2013

Hi Graham,

Do you reset the templateGraphic before choosing the graphic tool?
Can you check if the lockLocation of the templateGraphic is true by any chance?

We'll get it sorted out, I'm sure :-)

Jan Schenkel.

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> From: Graham Samuel <livfoss at>
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>Sent: Monday, June 10, 2013 12:08 AM
>Subject: Re: Works in IDE, doesn't work in standalone (revisited)
>Thanks Jacque, it's always good to hear your advice. Sadly in this case, there isn't a group in sight, just a card with quite a bunch of images and graphics on it already, which just won't let me draw anything else on it. 
>I keep devising different tests, but no luck so far. The drawing tools within the IDE toolbar seem pretty robust, so I am going to take a look at their scripts. I expect (as is so often true) it will turn out to be something quite trivial that I've done: but at bottom I still think it's a bug.
>I shan't ask the list again, but if light dawns I will come back and explain it in case anyone else gets bit.

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