[OT] What's happening here in Turkey...

Ender Nafi Elekçioğlu endernafi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 18:51:45 EDT 2013

A little update to the situation:  

As of now, the police is forced to retract from Taksim - Istanbul and Gezi Park is like the Smurf Village :)
I mean, everybody brings food and other goods; and whoever need something get whatever he/she needs.
Money is not allowed.
We built our library, our infirmary, our movie theatre, our restaurant(s); we even have a small orchard :)  
It's a dreamland ;-)

This is what humanity can achieve without authority.
Here's a clear view of who we, the protesters, are:

other cities of Turkey are struggling with police and religious fanatics who act with the police and supported by police.
There are 3 murders by them and 4000+ wounded.

May God be with them…

~ Ender Nafi

~… together, we're smarter & stronger …~

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