mobile image gallery / slider - web or standalone based?

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Hi Matthias,

If you go the LiveCode route you can download updates to images in the background to add/replace existing ones in the app - just make sure you include the images external to the stack.  No need to do app updates to replace images.

If you went the browser/jqtouch route in a native app you could also use standard web cache control features so the images didn't get reloaded all the time - you just have to manually persist your own browser cache between app launches.  I don't know for sure but I doubt LiveCode does this last bit for you, so the web option is not as flexible right now and the slide/scroll performance will be poorer (a LiveCode swipe should move the image with your finger, like you're actually dragging the page, while the jqtouch version lags, so you've already swiped when the image starts moving).

If you really prefer to create the gallery with web technology then you could use LiveCode to download updates to local files and have your web content reference those, rather than remote images directly.

The downside to loading the images in the background with LiveCode at present is I don't think you can get the HTTP headers for the image files with LiveCode (which would let you check things like last modified date on files and folders on the web server) so you'd have to maintain a small file on your web server with details of the latest files and their modification dates so the app can figure out what it need to download in order to avoid lots of repeated downloads of the same files.  Does that make sense?


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Subject: mobile image gallery / slider - web or standalone based?


what would be the best way to create a mobile image gallery with slider effect.
I have to include an image gallery in an mobile app (ios and android).

Would it be better to realize that image gallery slider (swiping with the finger) as  web based
thing with jqtouch and use a native browser to integrate that in the mobile app?
Advantage would be the ease of adding/replacing images.
Disadvantage: The user does need an internet connection to see the images.

Or is it much better to include all 30 images within the app and create the image gallery/slider with livecode?
Advantage: Images are already on the device. No need to download them again and again.
Disadvantage: Adding/replacing images  means updating the app in the stores

I would prefer to create a web based image gallery and show that in a native browser control.

What do you think?



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