Igor de Oliveira Couto igor at semperuna.com
Wed Jun 5 02:02:18 EDT 2013

Sorry to come so late to this thread. 

It's nice to see that my little JSON library is being used. I wanted to let everyone know, that Monte's library is much faster and more efficient than the LiveCode-native solutions, like mine. I wholeheartedly recommend it. There are occasions, however, when a programmer may not be able to - or want to - use externals, so these native libraries can still come in handy.

I saw that someone wanted to add features to a native JSON library - for instance, forcing the parser to recognise a certain value as a string rather than a number. I kindly ask you to consider using the EasyJSON library as a base, and contributing back your enhancements to the code. EasyJSON is hosted here:


I tried to take great care to thoroughly document the code, so that it would be easier for others to understand, debug and enhance later. EasyJSON has also been released into the public domain, meaning that it can be safely used in both Open Source and closed-source commercial projects.

And while you're there, you may want to check out another script I've released 'into the wild': EasyLocalNumber:


This is a behaviour script that makes it relatively painless to create localised numeric fields - ie., enabling the user to enter numbers with customised decimal and thousands separators, and currency symbols. Any enhancements and bug-fixes there would be most welcome! :-)

Kindest regards to all,

Igor Couto
Sydney, Australia

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