Visible of card

Graham Pearson gspearson at
Tue Jun 4 12:45:35 EDT 2013

I am trying to set the visible of a card to false and I am getting an
error of execution error at line n/a (Object: can't set this property)

I have 2 cards, one with buttons and the other one is an image that gets
loaded from a website. On the card with the image, I have a button to
return back to the initial card with buttons so user can select another
image to view. My issue which I think has to do with layers is that the
image is always on top so when the user returns to the card with buttons
they are not visible.

I have tried to set the layer of the card to another number higher or
lower to the layer of the card with the buttons without much success.
Will rest my brain before going back to the forums to search for a solution.

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