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Fri Jan 18 15:58:12 EST 2013

Alejandro:  One issue with the stack you referenced is the technique
relies on a screen capture of the desktop, which is no longer necessary
since LiveCode can create actual translucent windows.  Any PNG image that
contains transparency will work, simply by setting the windowShape of the
stack to the id of the source image.

Chipp's stack was great for the time it was developed, but I'm sure he
would agree there are easier ways to create the same effect these days :-)


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On 1/18/13 12:27 PM, "Alejandro Tejada" <capellan2000 at> wrote:

>Hi Pete,
>Peter Haworth wrote
>> Thanks Scott.  I guess I'll have a go at the blendlevel fade trick.
>Please, check this source code in a stack and the executable Demo
>posted by Chipp Walter in this mail list. Visit his webpage and look
>for the following text:
>Splash Screen Stack
>This stack creates a very interesting splash screen effect -- sorta like
>Kai Krause's MetaCreations programs used to do. It's actually quite
>but the effect is astounding. All the code is in the stack script. Notice
>the translucent butterfly wings. Feel free to use as you like.
>The executable is Windows only, but the effect should work on Macs as
>well (use the .rev stack)
>Download Windows Executable (.zip)
>Splash Screen Source Code
>One of the interesting things about this Splash Screen window is the way
>it fades on. You can download the source code by clicking the link button
>Have a nice weekend!
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