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Fri Dec 27 06:41:29 EST 2013

On 27/12/13 12:47, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Look, lets be scientific about it.

That's what my Taekwondo teacher told me!

She told me that Taekwondo was 'scientific', as did my Wado-Kai Karate 
teacher a few years earlier.

Of course that is rubbish: Taekwondo was cooked up by Generral 
Hoi-Hong-Hi from bits of Jujitsu and other martial arts,
but nothing scientific was involved.

Wado-Kai Karate has evolved out of traditional martial arts practised on 
Okinawa. Folk medicine such as Ayurveda is not 'scientific' either;
it is just a jumble of things that appear to work until proven otherwise.

My Taekwondo teacher (3 Dan) mucked her knee and hip joints up really 
badly owing to her practising 'scientific' Taekwondo that
she was told to stop, and had a long lecture from medical specialists as 
to exactly how much cr*p the claims of martial arts
to be 'scientific' are. At least she had the honesty to tell all of us 
that, and promised she would shut-up about how scientific
Taekwondo was from then on; but she didn't give it up, just cut down: 
God bless her.

In fact every time anybody mentions the word 'scientific' anywhere but 
in the fields of the physical sciences my toes start curling up because
it is a horrible misuse of the word; and that misuse is a way of 
claiming something that is not possible about a certain situation.

There are:

Hard sciences: Natural Philosophy (Physics), Chemistry, Biology.

Social sciences: Psychology, Sociology and various distinctly wobbly 

Bogus sciences: shining example of this here:

>    We know there are problems with Xubuntu.

That's a subjective judgement; not 'scientific'.

Funnily enough I have never had any problems with LC and Xubuntu; but 
that is not a scientific observation; that's just
my experience.

> So the first thing to do is find out is it the window manager, is it ubuntu,
> is it LC.
> Short way:  try debian stable or slackware.  With xfce or fluxbox or
> whatever. Do we still have the problem?

That isn't scientific either: there are so many variables that are 
different between Ubuntu and Debian that one would probably
find it impossible to narrow down to what, exactly, is the cause of the 
perceived problem.

There probably is no short way.

What is far more interesting than whether programmers have problems 
using Livecode on various Linux distros with various window managers
with various enhancements (wow; variables to make you sick), is whether 
standalones made for Linux work everywhere!

> Why will people not take the simple and obvious course to narrow down the
> problem?

Because it is neither simple nor obvious.

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