MacToISO is still confusing me

Fraser Gordon fraser.gordon at
Sun Dec 22 15:13:27 EST 2013

On 21/12/2013 22:48, Graham Samuel wrote:
>  put MacToISO(numToChar(185))
> you don't get a pi symbol. This is not a good start.
Hi Graham,

I know this isn't much use to you at the moment, but we're hard at work
adding "proper" Unicode support to the LiveCode engine. One of the
functions that has been implemented in doing this is numToUnicodeChar
which takes a Unicode codepoint value and turns it into a string, e.g.:

put "The value of" && numToUnicodeChar(0x3C0) && "is approximately 3.14"
into tVar

Alternatively, you could just paste the pi character into the string
literal itself as scripts and the script editor will support direct
entry of Unicode text. With this support, dealing with Unicode strings
is no different from working with strings using the native 8-bit
encodings like MacRoman and ISO-8859-1.


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