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Hi Joe,

what do you mean with "explicit problem"
Are you getting an "compilation error" similar to this one
compilation error at line 2 (Chunk: can't create a variable with that name (explicitVariables?))

If so, then it seems you have checked the option "strict compilation mode" under Preferences->ScriptEditor

You can either disable that option or you have to 
declare the variable myDefl before using it.

in your example insert the line

local mydefl   

before the line with the put command.


Matthias Rebbe

Am 13.12.2013 um 21:52 schrieb Joe Lewis Wilkins <pepetoo at>:

> Hi everyone! Merry Christmas to all.
> I've been away from LC for a very long time, concentrating on Architecture, but trying to use one of my stacks recently I encountered the "explicit variable" problem and I have forgotten how to resolve it. Here's a snippet of my code:
> on mouseup again
> if the hilite of btn "L/180" then
>    put 180 into myDefl
> TIA,
> Joe Lewis Wilkins
> Architect,
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