Backdrop under Ubuntu Linux

Warren Samples warren at
Fri Dec 13 15:57:47 EST 2013

On 12/13/2013 02:13 PM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just out of curiosity,
> Why the backdrop does not shows
> under Ubuntu Linux?
> I am using Lubuntu and there is no indication
> in the docs or the online dictionary that
> backdrop does not works under Ubuntu.
> Thanks in advance!
> Al

I was going to say this is one of those compositing issues that LiveCode 
has with many Linux installations. It may be or it may be a new issue 
since 6.5. I have a Mint 9 installation running under VirtualBox, 
without desktop effects, which displays the backdrop correctly with 
every installed version of LiveCode from 4.5.2 through 6.1.0. I just 
installed 6.5.0 and see it does not display in that version.

The backdrop did not display under Mint 10 with Compiz and Gnome 2 when 
that was my main OS nor has it displayed under an version of 

The backdrop problem has been mentioned in the past. I wonder if there's 
a bug report.


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