Resizing a group to clip an object symetrically

John Craig john at
Thu Dec 12 18:13:29 EST 2013

Some ideas;

on mouseUp
    local tGroupLocation, tGraphicLocation
    put the loc of group "Clip" into tGroupLocation
    put the loc of graphic "Oval" into tGraphicLocation
    set the lockLoc of group "Clip" to true
    repeat 10
       lock screen
       set the height of group "Clip" to the height of group "Clip" - 5
       set the loc of group "Clip" to tGroupLocation
       set the loc of graphic "Oval" to tGraphicLocation
       unlock screen
       wait for 10 millisecs
    end repeat
end mouseUp


On 12/12/2013 22:52, Terry Judd wrote:
> I have a group that contains a single round graphic object. The group is narrower than the graphic so that only a segment of the disc is displayed. I now want to animate a reduction in the height of the group so that the disc is clipped symetrically at the top and the bottom. Setting the height or the rect of the group doesn't seem to work as the group only gets resized from the bottom. What am I missing?
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