Communicating between to standalones with "write to process" - Found word(s) list error in the Text body

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> What he's suggesting is just a semaphore, which is common with DBMS's.

Ahh, vocabulary that I need :)

Do you have any suggestions for me to read on that.

[During my dissertation work, which created a third branch of dynamic
programming, I was well into it when I realized that I'd recreated either
lossy virtual memory or disk caching . . . {the search space was too large
to keep an index of tried values, so it kept more recent ones and

> He's also correct that you can do it with a hidden, secondary stack being
> the gatekeeper for the DB.
> *whew*


> Another option would be to use Valentina Server or to compile your own
> little application to be a database server.

But would there be any value in using a database server rather than just a
clone of the stack?  That clone can use the same codebase, and
automatically be updated by definition . . .


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