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[PART TWO - with a bit of overlap ]  (damn this text limit…)

the index file looks like this. it includes the master file in the lib
the master file can also work in the folder solo without abstraction.

  set the itemdelimiter to "/"
  include (item 1 to 4 of it) & "/_lib/download-player.irev"

I've further rigged all folders in the system to display several different
types of web pages as well as index.html. Below is the  .htaccess file at
site root. Note the DirectoryIndex.

Options +ExecCGI FollowSymLinks
AddHandler livecode-script .lc .irev
AddHandler php5-script php htm html
DirectoryIndex index.irev index.php index.html dir.irev video.irev
audio.irev gallery.irev
Action livecode-script /cgi-bin/livecode-server/livecode-community-server

I have many folder default indexes, and they define the player type of the
folder. This makes it easier to set up each folder for automatic action.


If the folder is accessed, either by
""   or  ""
download.irev executes and immediately includes master file in

PUT HEADER   -- needed for full html5 validation
set errormode
set up variables
init defaults

loadconfig             - reads config.txt  (see above) config file
setEnclosingFolder   - where am I
setFullURL              -  establishes current web available address
createValidateURLf  -  creates a validation link
newListingComplete -  pretty file listing with exceptions and links

the rest is html and css code with imbedded iRev strings built from


This is a peek into my little code world. I hope it is readable to others
but I hadn't planned on sharing this yet without comments!  Am I insane? Am
I doing this the 'wrong way?'  I have no idea.


Stephen Barncard - San Francisco Ca. USA - Deeds Not Words

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