Thoughts about Embedded LiveCode?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Sep 18 14:30:45 CDT 2012

On 9/18/12 2:12 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:
> So in the end we'll get a better engine, RunRev will get money and I will
> not spend anything so I think it is great.

Well said.

LiveCode Embedded isn't for most of us small-time, one-person shops. 
It's for big companies with existing products, and I think it's going to 
provide a great way for RR to get their foot in the door there. Right 
now the big guys don't even know about LiveCode or what it can do for 
them. This is a way for them to find out without breaking the bank or 
investing all their resources in it. They probably already have C code, 
and now they can dabble with LiveCode without much risk. Once they find 
out how quick and easy it is to develop with, they're hooked. Clever 
move, I think.

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