revGoURL vs Launch URL and multitasking on iPad

stgoldberg at stgoldberg at
Wed Sep 12 07:17:56 EDT 2012

I see now why the RevGoURL command has been deprecated in favor of launch URL.  While RevGoURL still works in standalones for the desktop in opening a URL on the Internet, I find that I need to replace it with the launch URL command to open the same URL from a LiveCode app on iPad; RevGoURL doesn't work with LiveCode apps on iPad.

Some of the apps I'm working on for iPhone and iPad contain links to specific URLs on the Internet.  However, at least on my iPad 1 (Version 5.1.1), when closing the Internet browser, I am not taken back to the original card in the LiveCode app that has the link.  Rather, everytime I quit the browser, I have to reopen the LiveCode app from scratch and then navigate to the card that has the link.  This is inefficient. Does anyone know if this problem has been corrected with newer versions of the iPad?  Does the problem also exist with Android (which I don't have), which I understand is better at multitasking?  Thanks.

Stephen Goldberg

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