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If you can locate the late Eric Chatonet's lesson stack about 'how to make
a music player', you will find everything you need to make a 'perfect'
player that you can 'skin'. It has fast-forward, a progress bar that's
grabbable, a common play-pause button and all the artwork for the 12 or so
button states. The code is tight and works perfectly with the player. It
was offered free on his site with his other lessons. Eric was a master.

contact me off-list if you can't find it. It should be public but is not
accessible. So Smart software domain is active, but shows an Apache startup
screen at the moment. Hopefully someone has decided to resurrect the

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> Hi Michael,
> Am 14.10.2012 um 18:04 schrieb Michael Kann <mikekann at>:
> > Klaus,
> >
> > Don't depend on me for learning English.
> I'd NEVER do that! :-D
> > It should be:
> > Your posts are always very educational. (Which is very true.)
> Thank you!
> > Mike
> Best
> Klaus
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