Audio clips

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Sun Oct 14 11:06:49 EDT 2012


You can make a poor man's pause btn using the following idea:
--- stop btn

--- stop audio and save point audio is stopped

on mouseUp
   stop player  1
   put the currentTime of player 1 into fld "store_cur_time"
end mouseUp
--- resume from stopped point

on mouseUp
  put fld "store_cur_time" into cur_time
  set the currentTime of player 1 to cur_time
  play player 1
end mouseUp


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From: Peter Haworth <pete at>
Subject: Audio clips
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Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012, 8:03 PM

Is there a way to pause an audio clip?  Play and stop seem to work but I
don't see a pause command and "play pause" doesn't work for audio clips.
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