Upgrade to Lion

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Thu May 31 06:57:41 EDT 2012


Sorry for the slow reply.

I agree, although I didn't suggest it would be an iPad only world.

I can see MacBook Airs/Pro, keyboards for input, trackpad/touch screen for
manipulation. Who knows, maybe even Siri will immigrate, so all those
keyboard shortcuts can be perfomend by Voice - the latest incarnation of
VoiceOver doesn't seem to work as well as Siri. Maybe even Siri will
progress to do input.

My only counter to your work station comments is, when was the last update
to the Mac Pro - mid 2010 I believe, it doesn't even have Thunderbolt! Yes,
it's that old!

I'm just not sure how focused Apple is on work stations.

I really hope I'm wrong, I'd really like to see a Mac Pro that would take
512GB of RAM, have space for half dozen SSDs, multiple Thunderbolt ports
and had an OS and Software where along with Full Screen mode you could
choose Full CPU or Full RAM mode.

Back to the Kool Aid ;-)

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