xml files with LC

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Fri May 25 12:11:55 EDT 2012

I'd say, don't use the revxml functions, but go with the itemdel & linedel approach:

-  only if this is a one time job, or the files are made by a stable source (not accepting _any_ xml or error prone sources)
- Don't use a fuckton of the weirder type of data containers
- You have smalish data (not tens of thousend of items) 
- It's easier to code, and you don't have to learn the weird xml functions
- Finally, you don't need an external (if you deploy a standalone)

--exampleoff the top of my head... 
--prolly doesn't work but shows how I actually do it in bvg docu 2
set the itemdelimter to "<"
set the linedelimter to ">"

repeat for each line theLine in theXML
  --maybe add code for nested shit?
  --something like:
  --add one to myDepthCount
  --repeat for each item in theLine
  --substract one from myDepthCount
  --end repeat
  put char 2 to -1 of item 1 of theLine into theType 
  put item 2 of theLine into theContent --might also need some chars omitted i guess
end repeat
--end of example that prolly doesn't work


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