Button oddities -- LC 5.5 related? Possible serious problem?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sat Mar 31 18:56:47 EDT 2012

On 3/31/12 5:34 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:
> I just discovered that if I click with the browse tool on the
> place where the buttons should be, the button becomes visible and the
> button script executes. If I save and quit LC, the buttons disappear
> when I launch the stack again.

Sounds like an icon ID conflict. Do what Mike suggested. Import the 
icons from the Icon Library into your stack and assign the new image IDs 
to the buttons. That way they'll stay stable.

> Finally it occurs to slow-witted self to check to see if this is a
> minor bug in LC 5.5. I close and quit, try the same stack with "open
> with" set to LC 5.0.2. LC 5.0.2 launches, but the stack will not
> launch. I can open some other old stacks with 5.0.2. If I set the
> get-info to open with 5.0.2 and double click on the stack while LC
> 5.0.2 is running I get a message saying the stack is corrupted.

Version 5.5 has a new file format and older versions of LiveCode can't 
read it.

Open your stack in 5.5. Do a "Save as" and use the popdown menu in the 
Save dialog to choose Legacy 2.7 format. Save it that way and it will 
open again in 5.02.

Then go to LiveCode prefs in the Files & Memory pane and tick the option 
that specifies saving stacks in the same format they were in when they 
opened: "Preserve stack file version on stacks saved in legacy format."

Some of us have noticed this pref doesn't always stick. Mine got reset 
to "off" yesterday. If you see the problem again you'll have to reset 
the pref and do a "save as" on your stack again. Or just use your stack 
in 5.02 until that gets fixed.

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