Windows: Programm Compatibility Assistent

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Wed Mar 28 12:40:53 EDT 2012

Hi friends,

I have a strange problem with my windows app(s) on Win7.

1. I created a runtime XYZ.exe, UAC Execution Level -> Default
2. I created an installer "Install XYT.exe" with UAC Execution Level -> ADMNISTRATOR, Its an installer :-)

Everythings gets installed fine in general on XP and Win7, but when I quit either of the apps on Win7 I get 
the Windows dialog here...



Waht is puzzling me is the fact that this is an installer!, that one will load from the internet,
run it once and then trash it, so it is not being "installed" in any way at all!?
Know what I mean?

I thought that the UAC would take care of this?
Is there any way to get rid of that diaolog with the means of Livecode?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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