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Pete pete at mollysrevenge.com
Sat Mar 24 17:48:11 CDT 2012

Hi Richard,
This thread has been very interesting to me as I'm considering getting a
computer to run Linux.  The problem I'm having is illustrated by the
snippet from your post below.

I'm a computer savvy person and worked with them most of my working life
but I know nothing about Linux and really have no desire to spend much time
installing and configuring an OS.  I can buy a Mac or a PC, switch it on
and it just boots up and runs.

But where do I buy a computer that runs Linux and what version of Linux (if
that's the right term) I need?  I have pretty basic needs for this machine.
 Aside from running Livecode on it, I mostly need a web browser (I use
Google tools for just about all my daily needs) plus some way of playing

I already have a Windows laptop that I only use for testing out the LC apps
I develop on my Mac.  I don't really want another computer.  It seems like
Apple has just about shut the door on running anything but OS X on their
computers.  Can I install Linux on my Windows computer a dual boot it

I'm sure these are pretty basic questions for people who are familiar with
the Linux world, but I think they illustrate why the use of Linux is not
more widespread, no matter what advantages it has over other OS's.


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> People buy whole-product solutions.

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