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Pete pete at
Fri Mar 23 15:25:03 EDT 2012

Thanks Richard, that sounds like a possibility.

I'm using iPages to create the help text but I think it is capable of
saving a file in Word format although not sure how good a job it does.  I
guess I'll give it a whirl with WordLib (hopefully there's a trial
available) and see what happens.

I'm not against typing into LC fields, just finding that there's less work
involved in using a word processor that is built to deal with formatting,
spell checking and inserting graphics that doing all that in native LC.


On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at
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> Pete wrote:
>> I'm trying to decide how to supply the help text for an application and
>> wondering what tools people are using to creat help files.
>> I'm finding that it is much easier to use a word processor to write the
>> help text and graphics than trying to do it within the confines of LC text
>> fields.  I can't leave the help text as a separate file because that would
>> require the user to have the same wp program I used to create it.  I can
>> create a pdf version of it to get round that but I'm wondering if there is
>> some way of importing the help text into LC, retaining all the formatting
>> and graphics.  Is it possible to open a pdf file and display within an LC
>> application without starting a separate pdf viewer program?
> I enjoy typing in LiveCode fields myself, but I'm funny that way. :)
> If you like using Word you'll love Curry Kenworthy's WordLib for importing
> content from Word and OpenOffice/Libre Office into LiveCode:
> <**product/word-lib-1-3-0/<>
> >
> He's done an amazingly thorough job of recreating every element in doc,
> docx, and odt files that can be represented in LiveCode fields.  And he's
> hard at work on a new version that takes full advantage of LC 5.5's new
> field object capabilities.
> For professional devs he also offers an option to acquire limited rights
> to the source for an additional fee.   This is a must-have for myself and
> my clients, and pretty much every other pro dev who need to consider code
> base longevity, and his source fee was more than reasonable.
> Curry's support has been exemplary, and his willingness to work with
> suggestions for new features and enhancements is an inspiration for all of
> us tools vendors.
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