Tools for creating a help file

Pete pete at
Fri Mar 23 13:17:01 CDT 2012

I'm trying to decide how to supply the help text for an application and
wondering what tools people are using to creat help files.

I'm finding that it is much easier to use a word processor to write the
help text and graphics than trying to do it within the confines of LC text
fields.  I can't leave the help text as a separate file because that would
require the user to have the same wp program I used to create it.  I can
create a pdf version of it to get round that but I'm wondering if there is
some way of importing the help text into LC, retaining all the formatting
and graphics.  Is it possible to open a pdf file and display within an LC
application without starting a separate pdf viewer program?

Thanks for any guidance,

Molly's Revenge <>

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